Wednesday, August 5


So I've been interning at Raffles Place area for the past week but I've never really gotten around trying their bakes. I had their morning mee once, OMG, that was BAD! But since its edible, I still had them for lunch. But seriously, no second time...

Yesterday, I dropped by the bakery in the evening to get some bread for breakfast. They did not have many varieties left at around 6pm so I got myself something that seems like it could be brown glutinous rice bread or chocolate sprinkles bread. It turned out to be the latter. I'm fine with chocolate, so no complaints there but the thing that got me was how soft the bread was! Honestly. I had dinner but couldn't stop myself from having the bread as snack and I was very content with it. I am very much a bread person when it comes to carbs so you just have to take my word for it. I have to say that the loaf was not chocolatey per se but it had a slight milo taste to it, making it slightly sweet but the chocolate is not at all obvious. Its good for those who do not like plain bread but will not satisfy chocolate lovers looking for loafs with high cocoa content.

Like I said, the bread is pretty good, soft, porous, light, I'm just sad it took me more than a week to discover this. My internship's ending this week, I can probably get another loaf before I leave but I'll definitely be back.

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