Monday, July 7


Just bought 2 cakes fr Coffee bean at S$5.95!! Damn cheap and of course, they are ALWAYS good.
Had a taste of it (still in office, cant really just eat the whole thing) but OOooOoooo... cant wait. Its really very cheap LOR. hahahah.. Felt a bit off when the cashier told me, S$ 5.55. lolz...

Imagine getting 4 slices of cakes (incl meringue, cheese, chocolate) at only S$ 11. Too good to be true? No way. Not sure why they have such a promotion but they have it everyday so you definitely wont get cakes tat are bad, as in, not edible or 'sour'. Maybe coz they dont get many clients at night? Even just now I only see the people who were seated only drinking stuff and not having any of the cheap cakes. mayb its beneath them, bleh!

Anyway, dont care what people think as long as 'I' get benefit fr it. :D

Thursday, July 3

I never thought its so boring!

Its my 2nd day at work and Im doing nothing! Yesterday, the other interns thought it was cool that I was doing SOMETHING on my first day but Im given nothing today, AT ALL! I think it has something to do with my position in the office. Its too far from where all the lawyers are. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus, its so near to the pantry that I can eat all day without fail. Its quite stocked really, tea, coffee, cookies, mee in cup etc. Way cool but I want work! Im not the makan gaji for nothing kind lor... Ergh, If this continues, Im not coming back next week.