Tuesday, July 26

Gem Nails @ Toa Payoh Central

So, despite my supposed financial constraint, I went to get a pedicure this morning at Gem Nails. It wasn't exactly planned but I had intended to get a new pedicure as the one I got previously from Clarke Quay is starting to grow out.

Gem Nails looks nice enough. Simple, with leather chairs and white tubs but I do have quite a few gripes:
1) the water level in the tub is not high enough! My feet feels cold.
2) there is no scrub included in the $33 for pedicure (I like getting scrubs and I expect them when I pay for a 'normal' pedi)
3) they do not use the fan blower, which means you have to wait longer. This is not a problem if I have time but I don't, i needed to come back for class. What resulted is extremely smudged nails when I came home from school.
4) The girl who did my nails seemed nice enough but the others seems like they couldn't care less. When people walk in, they somehow can pretend they did not see them for about 1 minute or 2, what's up with that!?

Anyways, I am now on the search for a $30 classic pedicure. The search might be a long one though, with Groupon and BigDeal keep having deals on mani/pedis. I just bought one, $30 for 'spa' mani pedi, and I have another one I bought earlier, also for many pedi, but cheaper $28. Can't wait to go and get myself pampered (again) =)