Thursday, February 26

The night before Handing up PL assignment and my first Tkd Poomsae Competition

I just want to record my feelings at this point in time and hope that I do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

I have just finished my first draft for the assignment this afternoon and am now in the midst of proof-reading and inserting footnotes. Anyone who writes essays often knows that one does NOT hand up one's first draft. I personally see how some parts of the 3500++ words essay do not gel with the other parts or do not relate to the question. I can think of 10 other different ways to re-structure the essay but frankly, unless I do not sleep tonight, i will not be able to do so. Actually, I do not think even if i go sleepless tonight, things will get better as I will get sick of re-reading almost the same thing over and over again.

I am disappointed with myself for not sticking to my own schedule and try to write my thoughts out earlier. it is only that way can i see how to re-organise my train of thought to make it more read-able for others.

I am not blaming the tkd competition tomorrow as a period of less than 15 hours is never enough to re-write a whole essay. Its my own fault and no one else. Nevertheless, I will try to improve this first draft I have and pray for the best.