Sunday, August 30

Something to remember

I was recently hurt by a friend, or at least someone I thought was a friend. It wasn't anything 'bad', she did not backstab me, lie to me or anything but she made me very disappointed. I think this incident caused a huge irreparable damage on our friendship, on my part at least, I doubt I can speak for her.

This is not the first time I am disappointed by what a friend did. I am starting to wonder whether its because of my expectations of what friends are supposed to be like. I take it personally when people say negative things of people I consider to be friends. I take it personally when they do things I disapprove of, I feel like its my fault one way or the other when they do something 'wrong' whether its being a bitch or going back on their word. I feel like I saw them in a different light then before, a clearer, brighter light and that maybe, they are not who I think they are. And that is painful to me.

I am starting to think that I have to change my views of what friends should be/do and lower my expectations from them. With my growing circle of friends and my wider view of the world, it seems clear to me that people only look out for themselves and a select few, and that it is unlikely that Im within the select few of most of my friends. My view of friendships should be like stems from my expectation of myself in a friendship. You root for each other and trust each other. You dont have to tell each other everything but when you need a shoulder to lean on, friends are who you go to. and I do try to do all this. This is also why i have few 'friends' but a lot of 'people I know', i categorise my acquaintances accordingly. It seems like this is not how it is for other people. Friends are just people you know and hang out with. They are no different from your colleagues at work or people you meet at the pub but seems to get along well with from the start.

Since leaving home for my tertiary education, I not only see more of the world, also see how idealistic I have been. I have been confined to my little pink-tinted glass cage. You see what is happening but there always seem to be a silver lining, there's always a positive side.

I know this is part of growing up but it makes me wonder whether I want to go through this process, cant I see things through my pink glass forever? I know Ill be happier that way...

Wednesday, August 5

Cedele - Pink Beet Cake

After reading a couple of posts of Cedele cakes at another food blog, I've decided to try a them for myself. I have to say, I've never been a fan of Cedele cakes, they just seem too healthy for me. Cakes for me are an indulgence, they are for celebrating, for making the eater feel happy, how do they do that if they are made into healthier, skinnier versions?

I had their famous Carrot Cake before and wasn't impressed so I settled for their new Pink Beet Cake. Essentially the cakes is supposed to have Beetroot in it which causes it to be pinkish. This might be true but I doubt the beet content is high since the cake is extremely palatable. I probably should also note that the information card mentions that the cake contains Grapeseed Oil.

The cake itself looks a bit like a carrot cake but with beetroot shavings instead of carrot. Tastewise, its slightly sweet abit savory, overall very easy on the tastebuds, I've never had Beetroot just like that before (ie, not in mixed juice or soup form) so I cant say there isn't any Beetroot tast but I have heard that pure Beetroot juice is hard to stomache so I think there's very little of the stuff in the cake.

The most surprising thing about the cake is how soft and moist it is! This is probably the work of the Grapeseed Oil. One can finish the cake without feeling overwhelmed but then again, it is a small cake to begin with, lol.. Despite the healthy conotations, the cake is still a bit rich, with cream cheese layered so I do wonder exactly how healthy it is and whether Cedele is really worth all the hype.. Moreover, as I got the cake in takeaway form, I discovered that the cake is quite 'oily' the wax paper the waitress placed under the cake was pretty oily when I got back, about an hour later.

Nevertheless, I think the case is definitely worth a try but for the price, $5, for such a small cake, I doubt Ill be getting it again anytime soon. I still like my cake to be rich and heavy, something to savour, something to be had once in a while, an indulgence, a mini love affair..


So I've been interning at Raffles Place area for the past week but I've never really gotten around trying their bakes. I had their morning mee once, OMG, that was BAD! But since its edible, I still had them for lunch. But seriously, no second time...

Yesterday, I dropped by the bakery in the evening to get some bread for breakfast. They did not have many varieties left at around 6pm so I got myself something that seems like it could be brown glutinous rice bread or chocolate sprinkles bread. It turned out to be the latter. I'm fine with chocolate, so no complaints there but the thing that got me was how soft the bread was! Honestly. I had dinner but couldn't stop myself from having the bread as snack and I was very content with it. I am very much a bread person when it comes to carbs so you just have to take my word for it. I have to say that the loaf was not chocolatey per se but it had a slight milo taste to it, making it slightly sweet but the chocolate is not at all obvious. Its good for those who do not like plain bread but will not satisfy chocolate lovers looking for loafs with high cocoa content.

Like I said, the bread is pretty good, soft, porous, light, I'm just sad it took me more than a week to discover this. My internship's ending this week, I can probably get another loaf before I leave but I'll definitely be back.