Wednesday, December 5


Let me just say this, the post below is a joke! Nothing beats wat i feel rite now. Im writing this on the eve of my last paper - Contract. Its only a test rilli but i feel SOOO nervous. I cant think. Believe or not last night i only had long naps. I actually woke up to study in the middle of the night. I have no idea y, other than the fact that Im prob gonna screw the test up in a HUGE way, y i am so worried. Usu, Id just b nonchalant, it IS just a test. Usually, Id just b so excited its d last paper that Id b thinking how to celebrate. But not this time.. I am a wreck.. i broke down at least twice this afternoon. I rilli need to learn to cope with the pressure. I never felt like this. Exams are oni part of life, not life itself. I know this so y am i feeling this way! Tried taking a nap, cant. I did everything i can think of. Someone save me!!!