Wednesday, October 24


I never knew what was heartbreak, how painful it would be, to like someone.
I now know the source of all love songs, the inspiration behind the lyrics, the muse of many poems.
But, it hurts. It does. It brings tears to my eyes to know he will never be mine. So near, yet miles apart.

You know who i am but u barely acknowledge my existence. I want to be close to you but i just lack the courage to try. You are the reason i smile for no reason, you are why i go mellow in seconds.

I need to let him go, let these feelings go, to set myself free. im trying, i really am, without avail. I've never felt like this, why do you have such power over me? Why do i lose all self-control when you come near? Why am i blogging about you knowing fully well that we are impossible?

Because, try as i might, you stil hold a place in my heart.

Wednesday, October 3

Still Down

Its after my midterms, have no idea how i did but, rilli dun care.(until d results are out at least)

I dunno why but i seem to be perpetually in a slope. Every interaction i have wif another person seems so artificial, so superficial. Its tiring this way, going around without having a fren hu u can talk to, hu u feel like u trust and understand u.... Talking for the sake of filling up d silence, not being hu u wan 2 b.... And, i seem to be putting up a wall around me, not even smiling at Him when we pass by but its ok, Im pretty much over him but i dun like doing this, being all serious looking and sad..... Argh! i need to find me, the say wat i like, dun care a sh*t about anyone but myself me...... haha......