Wednesday, June 18


My Yr 1 2nd Sem grades are pretty shitty but Im over it, just gotta make sure it doesnt happen again but I was in store for another shock. The list of those getting Dean's List just came out and quite a few people in the list were pretty unexpected (for me). He got in too. Im ShOCKED! Not to say he is lousy or watever but i never thought he's tat good. I have to say, Im Proud. Im so happy for him. One thing for sure, i have an extra impetus to work harder. I can do it! I am sooo not beneath him. I slipped, thats all. Not gonna happen again, I swear.

This is a partial list of what I plan for next sem:
1) get 'B's, AT LEAST.
2) get my weight under 55kg. Im way overweight now and frankly, Im not liking it.
3) gonna join some debate tournaments (2 reasons: i need the points, i need the practice)
4) gonna work part-time; monthly salary aim: $ 100 (start low lar...)

From what I can see, this covers pretty much every aspect of my life, we'll c how it goes, promise i will update. my plan of getting my weight under 60kg before going back seems unlikely now but i promise i wont forget my ultimate goal. I Want to feel good. I Want to look good. Oledi have plans to undergo a meal replacement regime for the 1st month i go back (for the internship). C what happens then. I know it aint a permanent solution but i want fast results then try to keep it at that. keep thinking about going for diet supplements but am extremely worried itll be harmful so will try simpler ones 1st before going for drastic measures, hope i wont have to get to that.