Monday, March 16

The Central @ Clark Quay

My first visit to Central! Decided to skip Equity lecture in favour of getting a haircut after hearing that LCS was cancelled. She's always doing that, last minute stuff! Actually, I had wanted to try Maison Hairmake at FEP but unfortunately, I was unable to get through so decided to head somewhere near after my Pro Bono stint and settled on Central.

And what a choice it was! Turns out Central is full of Jap food outlets! I even saw quite a few Japanese looking for a restaurant to get their lunch. Interesting. I've heard good things about Waraku, Sun and moon, Petit Provence and Ma Maison and they all have outlets there! Unfortunately, I did not feel like eating proper food so I missed out Waraku..

Al right, so what did i have? I had Provence's Choc Wassant. Its good lar~ I know now why people rave about it but $0.60 for such a small piece... It definitely warrant a second thought before each buy.

Also tried Starbucks' Wholemeal Multigrain bagel. I requested for it to be toasted so it was, to a slight brown but oddly enough, it was not hot enough to melt the cold butter! My guess is that the cold weather cooled down the bagel too fast.

After hearing SOOO many raves on Sun and MOon, I die die have to try their cheesecake but the place was so hard to find! Central in general was quite a maze for me... suaku me only like straightforward places XP Anyways, I had the tofu cheesecake. Erm.. I did not think it was all that great. it was abit too sour for me but I wonder if its because the cake was left in the open too long as there was this small part around the middle of the cake where it was milky and slightly sweet. YUMM! But, it was only a very small part of the cake. As i said before, I did not feel like having proper food so no mains but I went during tea time so even if I had wanted, they do not serve mains anyway.

I do so hope to go to Central again. Not much to shop but definitely alot of food to try out!

Monday, March 9

Coffee Bean HV 09 March 09

Went to HV today and had a craving for CB's carrot cake. Popped into the place and ordered their new drink - mango green tea frap and of course, carrot cake.

I think up till now, CB's carrot cake is the best Ive tried. its moist and has enough nuts, not too much but not stingy with it either. and the cream layer, HEAVEN. Its not the spiced type either, just slightly oily (butter?) cake with carrot shreds and nuts (walnuts i think). MMMM... they give you a pretty big slice too, for S$5.50 though I have to say that I have had lunch so that might have affected my appetite.
The bummer is that I came back and checked for calories and I realise it has a whopping 970 cals! thats like, almost 1/2 to one day's total amount of calories. Guess you should share them if you can yea :)

Frankly, the mango is negligible. I seldom drink CB stuff but this is ok but I somehow cant finish it. Too full? Maybe... It feels, not overly sweet or what, but boring, for some reason. Not something I'd go back for.

Anyways, moral of the story, eat only what you want. for me, its carrot cake when I go CB. Forgot to note that I have tried Cedele's carrot cake too but somehow, it didn't work its magic on me at all! CB all the way~~

Thursday, March 5

My own health drink

Today I made my own self-created chinese-style health drink, lolz..
its a combination of barley, chrysanthemum, red dates, longan and rock sugar to taste.

I wont say its good. Its unique, hahahah... the barley made the drink a bit murky while the flower made it yellow. not the most appetizing thing ever. Moreover, I refuse to put more sugar so there's a bit of this odd feeling on your tongue coz of the concentratedness of the drink.

I realise that i actually like barley taht is not too mushy. there's this very nice texture. will do this type of drink again. Actually, no choice, ingredients already bought, gotta use them somehow :P

Tuesday, March 3

Spinelli Pastries

Stopped at Science Canteen for lunch today and got myself a tiramisu and 2 chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Actually, the tiramisu was meant to be dinner but I wasn't able to restrain myself for trying it >,<

Anyways, the tiramisu's not good at all (reminder to self: never be a cheapo and go for cheap tiramisu). The white layers doesn't taste nor feels like its cheese. maybe, just maybe its some sort of cheese + gelatine mixture coz it felt jelly-like. THe cake layers are alright, nothing great not to bad. The best thing about the cake is the chocolate layer on top. You know how they sprinkle chocolate powder on top of cakes, well this one had powder and a very nice layer of chocolate. However, despite the label stating the cake contained rum, it did not taste like it AT ALL! I should have tried the carrot cake, had wanted to but the lady said the tiramisu is better, what crap.

I also got myself 2 chocolate chip cookies for $1.20. its cheaper than Subway but maybe healthier? It is sort of a no-frills cookie. Butter cookie with chocolate chip added in. nothing spectacular either...

Sunday, March 1

Holland V trip

Recess week has come and gone and I did not step out of NUS except in 2 occasions: (1) to hand in my assignment at btc; and (2) to NTU for IVP. BOTH happened on the same day :S Imagine how sucky my week has been.

Anyway, despite having 2 more assignments due I decided to get out of school for a while and went to HV. There are 2 primary reasons for this. A massage at Qi Mantra and to get Brand's Bird's Nest at Promo price at Cold Storage.. lolz.. Cheapo me.

I had wanted to try Marmalade Pantry after hearing so much about it. Michelle also recommended the place to me seeing as its so near. Alas, i was too late, the HV outlet has closed down and in its place is a Restaurant called 'Mykii' to be read as Mee-kai. On the menu, their desserts looked good so i decided to try the place out though I did not try their desserts in the end.

I really have to recommend their Green Tea with Gingko ($6.80). I think they blended/crushed the Gingko or something as there are powdery stuff in the drink. Not to worry, they do provide sifters, though those things aren't as effective as you would want it to be. Forget all that though, the tea had such a pleasant smell! I am not joking, it had this slightly minty very refreshing scent! I din finish the drink in the end as I had to rush but I would not mind going back to the place and just have a drink and a dessert.

As for mains, I got the Panini with Beef Bulgogi ($15.80) which comes with kimchi. I never was a fan of Korean food but bread always appeal to me so I ordered this. It wasn't too bad. the bread was nicely toasted, with a hint of butter, yummm... But i tot the beef itself was just a tad too salty. there was also some sauce which is nice, as it ensures that the bread wont be too dry. The beef, though salty, still have a slight beefy smell which suits me just fine. I don't think I would go back for it though, unless I have carb craving.

And why did i forego dessert? well, as i said, I was in a rush but more importantly, their extremely petite pastries are $2 each. Its not TOO expensive but definitely not cheap and I question their freshness as I saw only one mini tiramisu.. Moreover, as I was going to Cold Storage, i figured its time to try Swissbake's cakes which, to be very succint, was bad.

I tried Opera ($3.90) from Swissbake and I really did not like it. the only nice layer was the chocolate layer which has quite intense taste. This is my first time trying Opera so Im not too sure what to expect but some of the other layers seems stale.. I did finish it though, hahahah.. don't waste ma! I should have followed my instinct and got Coffeebean Carrot Cake instead. That, my dears, is a piece of heaven. I miss it soooo much!