Saturday, July 25

Another first

I think Im drunk!

(Warning, below may just be random rambling)

Why is that such a revelation? I've never drunk so much as to get drunk. I drink hard liquor at home, whiskey, but I never drink more than just a sip or two... or a cocktail, at a restaurant.. I doubt anyone can get drunk on that..

Today, I drank red wine, yes, just wine, and I think I'm finally feeling the 'woozy' feeling. Im one of those who drank the most, despite the fact that I was drinking with another 3 guys. The wine was not exactly great. It wasn't exactly fruity or sweet, but was pretty dry but I did not have any thing else to drink and so I just drank. My head was still pretty clear, i think, but I am a bit woozy.. I feel 'funny' and my whole body, till the tip of my feet, feels warm... Despite my deep breaths, I do not feel any calmer.... I think this is the start of 'drunkenness' lolz! I also cant really walk straight! lolz! What an interesting feeling!

Tuesday, July 7

Brewerkz Dinner

Last Friday, I went to Brewerkz for dinner with 2 friends. We were contemplating between Brewerkz and Timbre but in the end decided on Brewerkz as we wanted to try their 'brews'.

We got their Fruit Beer (I forgot exactly what they are called) and Golden Ale. Truth be told, I can barely tell the difference except for their colours. The taste is pretty similar. I am not much of a beer drinker and to me, both brews do not taste much more different than the normal canned beers. Maybe Im just asking too much as I was looking forward to some sweet, light beer.

As for food, we ordered the smaller pizza to share between us. We are not on diet or anything but we knew the portions were pretty generous and we ordered sides (Fries and Salad).

We got one of the white pizzas, the Merlion, which is essentially a seafood pizza. I thought it was pretty good. The crust wasn't soo crispy that the whole slice will fall apart when u bite but there was a crispy layer and the dough was pretty chewy (I like such textures as I love the taste of carbs ><).

The Fries were alright,thick outer layer but soft inside. However, I find the outer layer too thick which made it more crusty then crispy and it did cost us around S$8/9 so it definitely didn't come cheap.

As for the salad, we ordered the Garbage Salad which did look like garbage, its just lettuce with some salami, mozarella and vinagrette of some sort. It wasn't great and definitely wasn't worth the $10.99 we were charged for it but it was one of the cheaper salads on the menu.

We were too lazy to move so we settled for desserts at Brewerkz, BAD DECISION. Not only were the portions mini, prices steep, they also weren't any good. I was hoping to see portions like those they serve at PS Cafe but alas, that was not the case. Seriously, do not try the desserts there. You can get better brownies at Munchie Monkey, NUS YIH Center, IMO.

After the dinner we went over to Liang Court, my first visit to the mall and subsequently walked to City Hall MRT. The idea was to burn calories but I doubt that leisure walking helps much when it comes to losing weight ;)