Monday, April 21

Going Crazy

Have been meaning to do a Legal Theory essay this morning but ended up doing more revision on the topic. Feel so useless, i have read more than half of the readings but still dunno how to do the questions. No doubt, i am incredibly worried about the exams coz its 2 compulsory questions in 2 hrs, close-booked. What if I dunno wat she is asking? Wat if i totally blanked out? without any books at all, Id probably die.

Legal Theory really isnt tat bad a topic. It is interesting to read ppl's view and the thrashing tat goes with it but when it comes to MY view, well, I just dont have one. even if I do, my view is totally my own and i rilli dunno how to substantiate it with the very freaking chim readings we were given. I like abit here, abit there, and a whole lot of criticism. Argh.. its making me wanna just ........... AAARGGHH!

Ok, its out, gotta continue. Next up: Robert Alexy's 'D Argument fr Injustice: A Reply to Legal Positivism'