Saturday, July 25

Another first

I think Im drunk!

(Warning, below may just be random rambling)

Why is that such a revelation? I've never drunk so much as to get drunk. I drink hard liquor at home, whiskey, but I never drink more than just a sip or two... or a cocktail, at a restaurant.. I doubt anyone can get drunk on that..

Today, I drank red wine, yes, just wine, and I think I'm finally feeling the 'woozy' feeling. Im one of those who drank the most, despite the fact that I was drinking with another 3 guys. The wine was not exactly great. It wasn't exactly fruity or sweet, but was pretty dry but I did not have any thing else to drink and so I just drank. My head was still pretty clear, i think, but I am a bit woozy.. I feel 'funny' and my whole body, till the tip of my feet, feels warm... Despite my deep breaths, I do not feel any calmer.... I think this is the start of 'drunkenness' lolz! I also cant really walk straight! lolz! What an interesting feeling!

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