Monday, December 5

Shoes--a bad review

After wearing a pair of wedges 4 d whole afternoon, my feet hurts like hell. Honestly, i dun remember my feet being so damn sore b4, I've gotta wear sneakers next time Im going out.

I very seldom wear sneakers when going out, its just not myself! However, i learnt thru tis tat spending a bit of time tying shoelaces might b worth it just 2 prevent a whole afternoon of uneasiness n a night crankiness.

I also hav 2 get myself a pair of newgoing out slippers. I reckon the reason 4 tis is cos d shoes r about a yr old, even tho i seldom wear it out. Hell, i just got 2 buy shoes with better paddings next time!

Sunday, December 4

Driving Lessons

I've been bugging my dad 2 let me learn 2 drive 4 a while now, so now tat d exams r over, he's teaching me 2 drive. I tried driving a few years ago n u wudm't believe how bad iwas. I cant even make d car move!

Naturally, i was pretty happy cos i am able 2 make a few rounds at d car park tat we went to. It seems like there is still hope 4 me yet! I havent even went 2 take d computerised test n d workshop yet so i guess there is still some time n4 i can officilly drive. However, if this keeps up, Im pretty sure tat Ill pass my driving exam on my first try. :P

Saturday, December 3

The Fog-A review

I watched the movie yesterday n really felt tat it was a total waste of time. If u're reading tis n haven watched it yet or r thinking of watching it, don't!
I had wanted 2 c Harry Potter but as d timing was not suitable, we settled 4 'The Fog". It was supposed 2 b scary but hell no. Honestly, I'm not d kind who wudn't flinched when watching ghost movies so, believe me when I tell u it is rilli boring. However, Tom Welling and Selma Blair's presence was a bit of a save but not much. Tom had a unshaven look so it , to me, didnt pay his good looks enough justice.
From the start, it was slow, n it went on 4 quite a while b4 u noe wat d hell is going on. $ an hour, you wud b thinking: Wat is tat all about?? Then u understand it but still it didnt made it nemore scary. Rather, i had a hard time controlling myself frm bursting into fits of laughter cos they r tryin so hard 2 seem scary but really isnt succeeding, not even one bit. Other than tat, it also has a very unexpected ending, in a not-so-good way.
I think tats enof of blabber 4 a while. Im gonna watch Harry Potter 2nite, hopefully, it wont b nother disappointment or i mite hav 2 give up watching movies.