Friday, September 26

When the going gets tough..

I really shouldn't be doing this but I just feel like i gotta do some ranting.

We have an assignment for 'recess' week (my ass) but I dunno what Im doing! Ive been reading but not comprehending, typing but not understanding. Im scared shitless! Everytime I think about exams and assignments my insides shrink.

I dont want another D! I dont want another dissappointment! I dont want to cry silently! AGAIN.

What I do want:
Get decent grades (ie B average)
Get moving (exercise my dear!)
Lose weight (healthily)
Be happy (as always)
Make new, real friends

Im trying, I really am, despite all the excuses but Im not sure Im capable of it.

Scratch that, I can i know I CAN!

Signing off

Trying hard,