Sunday, November 18

Oh Shit!

I am so screwing myself up. I havent done much work in the past two days. Yes, I spent my weekend bumming, and Im not joking! Im so totally dead. With torts just 9 days away i dunno wat to think. I haven even STARTed on SLS. I dunno whether i should. Its so thick!! OMG OMG OMG..... Wat am i going to do?? I cannot mess this up again! Contracts, Ive just been skimming through the stuff i have. Gotta start reading the txtbk. Talking about txtbks, just realised i barely touched my torts txt. Wat a waste of $$... Hope it doesnt show in my answer booklets...

Please, anyone who reads this, pray for me....

Monday, November 5

Still like tat....

Living in Sg is not that rosy. No parents, no home, no real friends. Im not saying my friends r fake but, they r not the kind i spill my heart out to. The friendship v hav seem so superficial. Mayb its my fault, for not telling but i feel after telling tat they dun understand and its tiring to keep trying to make them understand. I know, friends r not our dumpster but, hu else r u supposed to talk to? I never minded ppl complaining to me. I take it with pride even, tat ppl r confident enof 2 confide wif me.
All my dealings wif ppl involve keeping a smile in my face tho i dun feel like it. But not putting a front seem to be a 'sour plum', pulling down other ppl's mood oso. Tired...... tired of the front, tired of the struggle.... tired of the fake highs.


Friday, November 2

Binder: The bane of an NUS Yr1 Law student


How come common sense is not reflected in the law. Still rmb how v tot tat v hav a good case, that Plump is being stupid when v got our fact. Ultimately, the opposite is the truth, at least if u look at d cases. Frankly, a lot needs to b done for the law to b fair and just. V r probably going to concede. Mobil Oil seems to b the oni 1 that is vs us! Haha.. and, its pretty easy to distinguish that, rilli…. Common Law should b incremental , I got tat, but, shud it not reflect ppl’s common sense??? Haiz….. Stare decisis is stupid… haha…. Let just get it over and done with and start revising for exams!!! YooHOO!!

OMG, am i going crazy?? cheering for exams?? Coz not! I'm going home soon!!
SO SO Missing KK!