Tuesday, March 3

Spinelli Pastries

Stopped at Science Canteen for lunch today and got myself a tiramisu and 2 chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Actually, the tiramisu was meant to be dinner but I wasn't able to restrain myself for trying it >,<

Anyways, the tiramisu's not good at all (reminder to self: never be a cheapo and go for cheap tiramisu). The white layers doesn't taste nor feels like its cheese. maybe, just maybe its some sort of cheese + gelatine mixture coz it felt jelly-like. THe cake layers are alright, nothing great not to bad. The best thing about the cake is the chocolate layer on top. You know how they sprinkle chocolate powder on top of cakes, well this one had powder and a very nice layer of chocolate. However, despite the label stating the cake contained rum, it did not taste like it AT ALL! I should have tried the carrot cake, had wanted to but the lady said the tiramisu is better, what crap.

I also got myself 2 chocolate chip cookies for $1.20. its cheaper than Subway but maybe healthier? It is sort of a no-frills cookie. Butter cookie with chocolate chip added in. nothing spectacular either...

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