Sunday, March 1

Holland V trip

Recess week has come and gone and I did not step out of NUS except in 2 occasions: (1) to hand in my assignment at btc; and (2) to NTU for IVP. BOTH happened on the same day :S Imagine how sucky my week has been.

Anyway, despite having 2 more assignments due I decided to get out of school for a while and went to HV. There are 2 primary reasons for this. A massage at Qi Mantra and to get Brand's Bird's Nest at Promo price at Cold Storage.. lolz.. Cheapo me.

I had wanted to try Marmalade Pantry after hearing so much about it. Michelle also recommended the place to me seeing as its so near. Alas, i was too late, the HV outlet has closed down and in its place is a Restaurant called 'Mykii' to be read as Mee-kai. On the menu, their desserts looked good so i decided to try the place out though I did not try their desserts in the end.

I really have to recommend their Green Tea with Gingko ($6.80). I think they blended/crushed the Gingko or something as there are powdery stuff in the drink. Not to worry, they do provide sifters, though those things aren't as effective as you would want it to be. Forget all that though, the tea had such a pleasant smell! I am not joking, it had this slightly minty very refreshing scent! I din finish the drink in the end as I had to rush but I would not mind going back to the place and just have a drink and a dessert.

As for mains, I got the Panini with Beef Bulgogi ($15.80) which comes with kimchi. I never was a fan of Korean food but bread always appeal to me so I ordered this. It wasn't too bad. the bread was nicely toasted, with a hint of butter, yummm... But i tot the beef itself was just a tad too salty. there was also some sauce which is nice, as it ensures that the bread wont be too dry. The beef, though salty, still have a slight beefy smell which suits me just fine. I don't think I would go back for it though, unless I have carb craving.

And why did i forego dessert? well, as i said, I was in a rush but more importantly, their extremely petite pastries are $2 each. Its not TOO expensive but definitely not cheap and I question their freshness as I saw only one mini tiramisu.. Moreover, as I was going to Cold Storage, i figured its time to try Swissbake's cakes which, to be very succint, was bad.

I tried Opera ($3.90) from Swissbake and I really did not like it. the only nice layer was the chocolate layer which has quite intense taste. This is my first time trying Opera so Im not too sure what to expect but some of the other layers seems stale.. I did finish it though, hahahah.. don't waste ma! I should have followed my instinct and got Coffeebean Carrot Cake instead. That, my dears, is a piece of heaven. I miss it soooo much!

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