Monday, March 9

Coffee Bean HV 09 March 09

Went to HV today and had a craving for CB's carrot cake. Popped into the place and ordered their new drink - mango green tea frap and of course, carrot cake.

I think up till now, CB's carrot cake is the best Ive tried. its moist and has enough nuts, not too much but not stingy with it either. and the cream layer, HEAVEN. Its not the spiced type either, just slightly oily (butter?) cake with carrot shreds and nuts (walnuts i think). MMMM... they give you a pretty big slice too, for S$5.50 though I have to say that I have had lunch so that might have affected my appetite.
The bummer is that I came back and checked for calories and I realise it has a whopping 970 cals! thats like, almost 1/2 to one day's total amount of calories. Guess you should share them if you can yea :)

Frankly, the mango is negligible. I seldom drink CB stuff but this is ok but I somehow cant finish it. Too full? Maybe... It feels, not overly sweet or what, but boring, for some reason. Not something I'd go back for.

Anyways, moral of the story, eat only what you want. for me, its carrot cake when I go CB. Forgot to note that I have tried Cedele's carrot cake too but somehow, it didn't work its magic on me at all! CB all the way~~


Anonymous said...

hi there... i got here cos i was searching for a "review" on spinelli cakes because i was craving for some cakes. then i read through some of your old entries (sorry for being stalker-ish, i was really bored) and guess wat... i too am a student in nus, and i did my a levels in help.. i feel exactly the same way you do, as in being in a superficial environment with no "real" friends and all.. i really do miss my college days and all those ppl i used to hang around with. and mid valley too, lol. (but nowdays when i go to MV its really boring!!) i have been here for 4 years! (year 4 student) and it really sucks, i do wish i was out of this place but well... tahan lah... so just to let u know that u're not alone!

Lils :) said...

Thanks! Your words do warm my heart (so cliche, i know).
I'm trying hard to not think too much about the negative side coz it really brings me down. I miss home a lot too, lolz.

Heads up to you too! I hope life after graduation will be better for you!