Wednesday, February 13

Teacher and Gang

Its been a while, hasnt it? Flew in on the 11th of Jan and its now 13th Feb. About a month has gone past since the semester started and I have gotta say, Im swamped! LoL... who isn't? Well, lets not talk about less-than-happy stuff, which by the way includes my celebration of Chinese New Year, lets talk about.. a movie. This post is going to be about a movie I saw on Reunion Night: Teacher Married Gangster (translated fr Chinese coz I dont know its English title).

Frankly, the newspaper dissed the movie but it turned out to be a high-grossing Singapore movie. Higher than any of those made before. Its director even noted word-of-mouth as the reason. Imho, the movie aint TAT good but rather than the acting, plot and all, I have more problems with THE WAY THEY PORTRAYED MSIA.

First, they show M'sia as this place where gangsters are rampant. Maybe its true (I honestly dont know) but they are not running all over the place!! Not in broad daylight!! The scene where people were fighting along the walkways was so preposterous I did not know whether to laugh or cry! It reminded me of Bollywood movies I used to watch as a child while thinking, where are the police?

Second, WHEN a figure of authority came, it came in the form of a security guard who seemed to be oblivious to the fact that it was a real gang fight. He was shown as a stupid person who really should not be in the position of maintaining order at all. What the?!?!? Msian policemen may be slack but trust me, when thrust in the limelight, where they can SHOW people they are doing their work, they do it! Esp in KL, where the top people are situated. Probably why KL is now where crime rate is highest, JB is.

Third, Msian Chinese do NOT sound like that!! Gosh... and the paper even remarked that the accent by the lead actor sounded authentic..... Bullocks... I cant even understand the way they structure the sentences and some of the words they used. Gotta feeling they did not do enough homework beforehand and is using the expressions wrongly. Ha! Dumbass... Dont act smart when you are not!

Anyway, there is no mistaken the accuracy of the lead actress' Cantonese. Am honestly perplexed as to whether or not it was dubbed. It sounded SO REAL. It also featured quite a few Msians: KK, MyFM DJ LDR etc. Unfortunately, they are so NOT famous that my friend did not know they were Msians and was amazed at their Canton. LOL...

This post seems abit angry, dont you think... I guess I did feel abit of that when watching the movie. Understanding that it IS make-believe does not help. Why dont they film in Sg? Why Msia?? Keep going Msia-Sg triad but most footage are from Msia, y? Like it or not, movies like that are watched, by Singaporeans. Already most of them have a lousy image of Msia as a lawless society. As close as the two countries are, many locals Ive met have never really been to Msia, even if they did, they usually flew, which meant the destination was cities like KL or attractions like Mt Kinabalu. Y?? Because they dont understand us. We already have the lousy relations between the two governments. We really dont need a movie like this to exacerbate the situation. Sheesh....

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