Wednesday, January 9


Not quite, haha... Haven started packing at all even though my flight is this Friday (Note: Time now is 8.22pm Wed). But, Im trying to be prepared for the mess that is waiting for me back in Sg. Checked out my classes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how u see it, I dun hav a single class with Him. I guess I still have lectures which is about twice a week where every1 will have to be in class, preferably. How can this have happened???? Even when they split the class into half, leaving a 50/50 chance for us to be in the same class, we arent. I guess things are just not meant to be. Lol.. Fate... There's no going against it.

To be frank, I really dont know what attracts me to him. Yeah, he's not exactly bad-looking, but so is another half a dozen or more guys in my year! There's no explanation in matters of the heart :P

Lets have an update of what happened in the last month i was at home. I got a new phone. Not the one i was hoping for, NK 5610 but a cheaper one 6120 but to tell the truth, other than the outer shell and the No of mega pixels of the phone, I dont rilli know the difference. A good phone with lots of functions is totally useless for me. I dont even know how to operate the bluetooth function! I only want a better phone coz i wanted a slide phone and camera. Talk about being simple. Why cant Nokia produce an affordable (note: under Rm1000), slim, slidephone with camera, preferably around 5MP. I honestly, couldn't care less about web-surfing and Bluetooth. I have memory cards and my laptop for that! Shows you what the people 'higher up' really knows about needs of ordinary ppl.

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