Monday, February 18

Feeling Bad (Warning: Angry Post Ahead!)

What The Hell!!??!!!?
I got a C- for my Stat Memo! My prob is not just that the grade sucks like shit but that I actually spent time on it!! i cant believe this. This is the worst grade I got for this year. And, frankly, I think its the worst 1 can get coz AY said no one got a D meaning the worst would be C-. Quite frankly, I know my work aint perfect but C- basically implies that either Im just so dumb that I never learn or that my intellect has gone down the drain. Getting the same grade, aka C/C+ is worse enough but going down gradient totally suck! The fact is that I worked on it. Period. Give me some credit for that, for Christ's sake! What about the 'u get what u sow' shit?? I have always believed in that. Guess if ppl are using fertilizers and you are not, lagging behind is on the cards. Im not angry that she gave me such a grade, Im angry at myself for getting such a grade! And, quite frankly, i dont know how to improve on it other than re-reading Neumann and doing MORE research but considering the Memo is due this Saturday and that I have Crim and Legal Theory AND ctt tutorial, I dont know how to deal! SHit Shit Shit....

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