Thursday, October 6

Wiggle Perfume and Sundries

First off, I am by no means a perfume girl.  Most scents smell generic to me and I do not have the nose to differentiate one note from another.  The nose for food smells, yes, but perfume, nope!

Nonetheless, I do still get sucked in by reviews and packaging and therefore, Wiggle.  I ordered and received my order a while ago but never really played with the items for awhile.  As I do not use perfume everyday, I can take some time to go through what I have and form an opinion on them.  After many months, these are my thoughts. (Expect short, like or dislike reviews, like I said, I dont really know my scents)

I like this.  I was testing this and Valdoste and decided that DB is much more wearable and likable to me then Valdoste.  Valdoste smells a tad 'sharp' and 'obvious', if that makes sense.  Basically, it doesnt fit.

Du Bois however, after it settles for abit, gives a comforting and yes, creamy scent.  It is not a 'clear' scent but warm and easy to wear, i feel.

Here's the description from Wiggle:

Du Bois: DuBois is a heady, lavish blend of creamy white scents. A mix of gardenia, almond, and egyptian musk with a hint of cinnamon, this fragrance is very luxurious and sophisticated, but still equally appropriate for day or evening. There's something very retro about this scent, it's very ladylike and glamorous, with a bit of a sparkle.

Valdoste: I cant seem to find the listing for Valdoste.  Maybe it is seasonal? Anyways, Im smelling this 30mins after application and it seems to have settled to less 'obvious; scent on me.  It is still more cheery and bright than Du Bois though and maybe more suitable for weekends, to boost the mood? We'll see.

Lastly,  Wiggle's etsy listings are very well thought out and interesting.  It is definitely worth a look.

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