Friday, August 26

Lucy Minerals Haul

This is not my first order but my previous orders have always centered on LM's face products. I got my hands on a few eyeshadows previously and loved the texture! They were always smooth and shimmery and doesnt irritate my eyes at all.

This time round, Anne had a fundraiser bundle of $15 for 5 eyeshadows, all proceeds go to her employee Maria who had some hospital bills to pay due to the early birth of her daughter. LM's eyeshadows usually go for $7 each so this was too good a promo for me to miss. In order to get the freebie for orders over $25, I ordered also 2 Ambrosia Lipbalms. I already have 1 of them and needed the other 2 to complete my 'collection' :P

Here's what I got:

There's more than just 5 containers there because I asked for 4 blush samples in lieu of the full-sized blush with over $25 purchase.

For the blushes, i asked for Mocha, Juicy Peach, Sunny Bronze and Matte Rose.

It is really unexpected that when I swatched these I found that 2 are more matte in nature (Sunny Bronze and Matte Rose) and the other 2 are very shimmery. My swatches did not turn out very well so I am not going to post it here. Suffice to say one would prefer a lighter hand when handling LM blushes.

As for the eyeshadow bundle I ordered: Chelsea (neutral shimmer); Blush Beige (matte); Rose Shimmer (cool shimmer); Antique Lilac (cool shimmer) and Sand Castle (neutral shimmer)

The swatch order is as listed above.
Chelsea and Sand Castle appeared very similar on my arm even though Chelsea seemed more taupe in the jar. They are both very much a shimmery reddish brown.
Blush Beige may actually work as a blush and reminds me of the Matte Apricot color I have from LM.
Rose Shimmer is a bright shimmery pink, much brighter than in the swatch. Will look great as a lip color!
Antique Lilac is very true to the swatch but with more shimmers.

To be very honest, the colors arent what I would wear often but I still have to give LM credit for the texture of their pigments. I swatch with my finger and none is scratchy as far as I could tell. Nonetheless, they are very simple colors, no where near as complex as say, fyrinnae or Darling Girl but they are good basic colors to have. I also have Mocha Shimmer and Driftwood which were my favourite one-wash colors awhile back so I am speaking from experience here.

LM is also very famous for their foundations which contain antioxidants. Do check them out as they have specials very often which make purchasing from them a very fun.

Here's the link to the website:

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