Monday, March 24

An Afternoon at Holland V

I really have to control myself!! 1 afternoon out and S$80 gone! hhahahhaha... not on anything good oso....

1st, the food:
Provence - read raves about their bread (its a bakery) and tot of going (again, coz i went before but din pay much attention). Gotta say, their coffee smells good.. Coz they hav this cafe thing going on and Hhmmm... nice... but i din get tho... juz the bread (3 piece + 1 half loaf) oledi cost me S$7.70. Not cheap.. 3 PGP chicken rice but i finish the 3 small pieces d! Nothing special, i tot. The bread wasnt soft or anything neither was the chocolate very pure... feels like custard...

Starbucks - yes! finally... haven indulged in coffee tis sem til now but Im pretty disappointed. Got iced caramel macchiato which was SWEET!! caramel is nice but I cannot tahan the sweetness, rilli too much for me... can even finish my cup of coffee.,.. wat a waste!

Spent the most on Nails, did manicure at Lush Nails... the place was ok, provided green tea but i tot the girl was too quiet... i was b.o.r.e.d.... how can i not??? cannot touch anything... But the real reason i went was coz i broke my nail and i wanted to get it 'repaired' they call it 'silk wrap'. I was contemplating getting a manicure but i tot it too expensive. Alaz, the powers tat be has other plans.. Broke my nail during lunch. I took it as a sign i should try the place out :P
Am considering going for pedicure next coz they seem to do the whole scrub and all tat... and i need it, wat with the rough thick skin on my feet! but the basic price is S$ 33.. haiz... where got so much $$$????

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