Saturday, March 29

1st Taste

Of alcohol.... Ya, I actually had a taste of alcohol, specifically vodka, outside home tonight. No, it wasnt at a club or pub or anything... It was at a barbeque. Im so glad i went. Made some new frens and reinforced old frenships, u gotta right, sharing the same cup of drink?

It really wasnt too bad but din rilli leave an impression. Turns out it had 40% concentration of alcohol. Freaking bitter really. got the unripe banana/mango feel: 'giap' :D Id say i had 1/4 of a small paper cup, not much, admittedly, din get drunk but i oso din have the 'red face' thing happening either. I had wanted to c whether i get 'red face' easily, guess not, but a fren did tho... Gotta try out my jiu3 liang4 when i go home. We have whiskey and red wine i think, but i never liked red wine, find them too dry for my taste. Loved whiskey's fire though! Mayb coz i never tried the rilli high quality ones. I mean, there muz b a reason ppl like to drink right? right?

Finish the post with a bit of trivia: Alcohol is a depressant (unbelievable? Believe it!)

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