Monday, November 5

Still like tat....

Living in Sg is not that rosy. No parents, no home, no real friends. Im not saying my friends r fake but, they r not the kind i spill my heart out to. The friendship v hav seem so superficial. Mayb its my fault, for not telling but i feel after telling tat they dun understand and its tiring to keep trying to make them understand. I know, friends r not our dumpster but, hu else r u supposed to talk to? I never minded ppl complaining to me. I take it with pride even, tat ppl r confident enof 2 confide wif me.
All my dealings wif ppl involve keeping a smile in my face tho i dun feel like it. But not putting a front seem to be a 'sour plum', pulling down other ppl's mood oso. Tired...... tired of the front, tired of the struggle.... tired of the fake highs.


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