Friday, November 2

Binder: The bane of an NUS Yr1 Law student


How come common sense is not reflected in the law. Still rmb how v tot tat v hav a good case, that Plump is being stupid when v got our fact. Ultimately, the opposite is the truth, at least if u look at d cases. Frankly, a lot needs to b done for the law to b fair and just. V r probably going to concede. Mobil Oil seems to b the oni 1 that is vs us! Haha.. and, its pretty easy to distinguish that, rilli…. Common Law should b incremental , I got tat, but, shud it not reflect ppl’s common sense??? Haiz….. Stare decisis is stupid… haha…. Let just get it over and done with and start revising for exams!!! YooHOO!!

OMG, am i going crazy?? cheering for exams?? Coz not! I'm going home soon!!
SO SO Missing KK!


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