Wednesday, October 3

Still Down

Its after my midterms, have no idea how i did but, rilli dun care.(until d results are out at least)

I dunno why but i seem to be perpetually in a slope. Every interaction i have wif another person seems so artificial, so superficial. Its tiring this way, going around without having a fren hu u can talk to, hu u feel like u trust and understand u.... Talking for the sake of filling up d silence, not being hu u wan 2 b.... And, i seem to be putting up a wall around me, not even smiling at Him when we pass by but its ok, Im pretty much over him but i dun like doing this, being all serious looking and sad..... Argh! i need to find me, the say wat i like, dun care a sh*t about anyone but myself me...... haha......

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