Thursday, September 13


Yes, Im crushing on sum1... and, i dunno how 2 deal... I feel like a 2ndary school girl all over again... Its sweet but heartbreaking at d same time. Here, it seem like every1 has their 'other half'. people i talk 2 like to, my bf...., my gf.... argh!! Im single! please b considerate, k?

He, is fit, seems nice, likes stupid pc games.... haha... tats all i noe. And, v r not in d same 'gang' meaning, i dun get 2 talk 2 him much but Im not sure i wan tat. In d classes i hav wif him, i look at him half d time.... Dunno if i hav any weird xpression on my face. If i do, id sooner or later get caught! His sorta nonchalant attitude is pretty cute.. i dun like guys hu are too petty but i dun wanna crush on ne1!! Its too distracting, especially if there's a HUGE chance he's oledi taken, its juz not worth d time and energy spent thinking of him. Him...... Hm...... Sum1 Slap ME!!

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