Tuesday, June 16

2nd Update from Home, KK, Sabah

This is my second last week at home. I have to admit, there are some good and bad times but generally, I know I’ll only remember the good ones coz they totally outweigh the bad.

To keep this blog light and to not burden anyone reading this (including the future me), Ill just talk about my happy times here :)

For a start, it has been great seeing my parents again. My mom is still like before, a bit crazy, a bit loud but sooo lovable! Her cooking (esp her cake) is still top-notch and she still gives in to my whims and fancies, this I suspect will continue as I spend so little time at home. She’s still a great shopping partner. Reining me in at times but still let me splurge if I really like an item (Ill list, or at least try to, what I got this trip home later). My dad seems to have gotten more and more stubborn, a sign of the Taurus that he is, but he also knows not to be too strict with me. Making me exercise is one of his lifetime goals which unfortunately isn’t going to happen very often. But he is generally sweet, just that he has abit of a hard time expressing his feelings. Lucky for him Im a very understanding girl and I know him well enough to not be offended.

Then there is my brother, who deserves a special paragraph for himself. I sometimes have trouble deciding what to make of him. He is naughty and rebellious but at the same time extremely sweet. He gets me sweets and lets me have extra food/the last piece on the plate. He also ‘tried’ to get some hugs which did not materialize, our family does not display our affections much so I still have trouble giving him hugs though I love him very much. These are little things but I do believe that the little things that happen soo often really amount to a lot and have to be cherished. We can really ‘click’ we sing songs aloud (sometimes in public) and understand each other’s humour most of the time. He also is very tolerant of my moods (I think Im too used to staying alone that I cant be tolerant to people for very long). Oh, it is also great to have him around as he is plumper then I am (at least fr the looks of it) and he eats way more than I do which decreases my guilt for being such a glutton.

Oh man, I miss them already!

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