Sunday, November 16

The beginning..

of another exam season.

Not exactly true, I am in the midst of CLT but Im pretty much done with it.

Now have to prep for Prop and Company. Its getting tough. I feel the stress. I feel my heart shrink just thinking about the amount of work i have to get through in the next 2 weeks. But Im trying, believe me, I am.

Btw, I gained back the weight I lost during internship. Oh well, its expected, i guess, Ive been eating like no one else's business but Im determined to ignore that for the moment. My focus now is on Prop and Company. Nothing else. Ill still go for tkd this week to get my weekly dose of exercise, but that's it. I just hope its enof to prevent myself from getting sick, what with the weird weather and weakened immune system.

I'll try to blog more often too. its my outlet. not many people knows of this blog so i can really rant. Unlike my hotmail blog which is just for fun. I dont really like people to know my innermost thoughts and concerns, its like being naked in front of everyone, its too unnerving.

Anyways, Ive also decided to add something random everytime I blog. this time, its a wu liao quiz of sort: what does my height say about me? they dont really have my exact height, about 171

What Your Height Says About You

You are cheerful, expressive, and creative.

You have the heart of an artist, and the whole world is your art project.

You are the type of person who says “yes” a lot. You are optimistic and giving.

You also love a challenge. You enjoy accomplishing the impossible.

You are about as tall as the average Japanese man or the average Dutch woman.

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